What is BBC webmail login

BBC Webmail is available to a only authorized people which are eligible to use this service. Anyone can use this service to connect online with a private mailbox available at myconnect.bbc.co.uk but you must some rules while using this service.

You must not use public terminals to access your webmail because that machine may have malware which can infect your inbox. Anyways people normally know such instructions already and we don’t want to go in that detail. The service is powered by Atos.

  • To connect with BBC webmail you can follow these steps.
  • Visit www.portal.myconnect.bbc.co.uk and then enter your username and password
  • After you that also have to enter a securID which is unique with you to provide an extra level of security.
  • There is no Sign-up and forgot password links available on the website.
  • Because this service is available only for specific persons so it is not available publicly and you cannot sign up for this with only personal intentions.
  • If you forgot your password then you can reset that by using special instructions available within your account.