How Can I access BH Telecom webmail login

BH Telecom Webmail is also known as BIH email. BIHnet webmail is a web application which enables you to view your emails instantly. It requires you to use a streamlined browser which can support the latest version of JavaScript.

Moreover, BH Telecom is a Bosnian telecommunication company which offers multiple services to customers including fixed phone, mobile telephone, internet 3G, 4G, broadband, ADSL and IPTV.

BH Telecom Webmail Login

  • Go to from your browser.
  • Enter your username which ends with
  • At next you have to provide your password
  • Now click on the ‘Login’ button after which you will be able to access your BH telecom webmail inbox
  • You can change your language when you click on ‘Options>>Global’ and then press ‘Save’
  • You can send and receive emails with this interface furthermore it also supports sending/receiving personal vCard mail information.
  • Create your own email contact lists and manage it with multiple options.
  • Import/Export options allow you to get data from other sources or to send data to other sources.
  • If you are having problems while receiving and sending emails or any other problem then you can troubleshoot the problems by getting support from customer service.