How to Apply & Download EZ Pass NJ Application

Instead of the inconvenience of coins and tickets, apply for apply for ez pass NJ application and sign up to E-ZPass electronic toll collection (ETC) technology for easy and convenient travel. by E-ZPass is an online portal where you can apply for a remarkable toll collection technology known as ETC. E-ZPass is one of the top ETC service providers in America helps make traveling more convenient.

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By applying for E Zpass New Jersey, you will be able to get rid of coins and tickets, and be able to pay your toll tax & payments using your credit card, debit card and checking & saving account.

Moreover, when you’re approved for account, you will get rewards and discount offers to save toll fee and fuel as well.

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You can apply for E-ZPass by submitting EZ Pass NJ Application online. If you have the internet connection with web enabled device such as Computer or Smartphone, you can apply online here.

How to Apply for EZ Pass NJ –

  1. Visit the webpage
  2. Here on this page, you can find and download the application form
  3. Click the link Individual Application Package or The Business Application Package to download the relevant application form according to your need
  4. Fill the form with correct information
  5. Send your filled application form at the following address:

NJ E-ZPass Customer Service Center
P.O. Box 52001
Newark, NJ 07101-8201

For more information on EZ Pass NJ application, please contact customer service center here.