How iPass login can help you out to pay your toll bills

iPass login allows consumers to pay the toll bills electronically. I-Pass is basically an electronic toll collection system which is designed and used by Illinois highway authority. The toll was implemented in November 1993 as the interstate 355 opens. One can use i-Pass transponder at all toll plazas which help you to pay the charges automatically while passing under the antennas at a bit slow speed.

The open road tolling helps I-Pass customers to drivestraight through toll plazas at normal speed and they will get charge automatically.On the other hand cash customers have to stop at the road side at conventionaltollbooths to pay for the charges.

I-Pass fees and penalties

If you register your vehicle with I-Pass and anytime youpass through a toll point without a transponder. Your vehicle will be inviolation if you have not registered the license plate of vehicle with I-Pass.Consumers can register multiple vehicles under one I-Pass account. You are notin violation if not having transponder in the car, but your license plateregisters and is affiliated with an iPass account. Make it sure to have fundsin the account to avoid violations.

If ever you have no funds in iPass account (and not usingauto refill option), you will be unable to pay toll and a fine of $20 will ariseon your account along with toll usage cost. Once you are in 3 violations on alicense plate, you will get a violation notice from ISTHA with a paymentrequest. I-Pass users will have a grace period under which they can contactISTHA and adjust violation by paying the balance of the unpaid toll from theiraccount. In return authority will waive the $20 penalty.

Contacting ISTHA is up to the consumer. If the iPass userdon’t contact the tollway authority on their notice of violation by the duedate then you will face penalties. Account holder will face additional fines onplates, license or both and will eventually be suspended. Fines have mayincrease to thousands of dollars if action is not taken by account holder onthe violation notice.

IPass login – instructions

  • From your browser open
  • At the top right corner you will see the login button, click on that
  • Now enter your username and password then, click on ‘LOGIN’ button
  • If ever you forgot your password or username you can easily recover that by simply using reset links.
  • If having any issues contact IPASS customer service and discuss your issue to get a solution.

Register for iPass account

If you don’t have an account you can easily register for anaccount online to enjoy multiple features like drive-straight through tollwhile automatically paying. Review transactions on your account, addingauto-refill option with a credit card and much more.

  • Click on the iPassSign up link available at the login screen
  • Next enter your first and last name
  • Provide your email address at which you want toregister your account
  • Fill-up image verification to prove that you arenot a robot
  • Click on continue button
  • Read the terms of use carefully
  • Verify your email address and your identity
  • Setup password for your account
  • Select a security question to verify your identityin case you forgot your password or username.

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