IPASS pay can help you to get IPass transponder

IPass pay allows you to make payments and order new iPass for your vehicle. A number of options are available to buy IPass transponder for your vehicle. IPass login account can help you to view history of transactions on your account, your balance and recharge options.

I- Pass is an electronic toll collection service designedand used by the Highway Authority of Illinois. The toll was introduced inNovember 1993, when the 355 interstate opens. You can use the I-Passtransponder at all toll places that help you pay the fees automatically withoutstopping at windows at 17 states tollways.

IPASS pay to get an Ipass transponder for your vehicle

  • Online

You can register an online account simply by using youremail address. You have to pay the amount with your debit or credit card. Some otherinformation is also needed which includes your license number, plate number,vehicle’s model and make details.

  • By phone

Use IPass Customer service to submit an order on phone. Call on 1-800-824-7277 during 6am to 10pm in weekdays and 8am to 5pm in weekends. You can avoid peak times when you call after 6pm during weekdays.

  • By mail

To apply with this option you have to fill I-PassApplication form and then mail the payment to following address. You haveto pay $30 for account opening from which $10 is refundable deposit and $20 isaccount balance. Send payment by money order, checks in the name of IllinoisTollway.

I-PASS Customer Service
2700 Ogden Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515

  • AtOutlets

You can get an I-Pass transponder at a number of outletslocated nearby. Some of outlets where you can pick an I-Pass includeJewel-Osco, and Road Ranger. But you will need to activate transponder with theinstructions available at the top of it. Typically, it takes around 24 to 48 hoursto use after activation is done.

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