Using iPass phone number to contact & resolve toll issues

iPass phone number allows you to deal multiple issuesrelated with your account, fees, charges, penalties and more. I-Pass customerservice representative will respond the call and will answer all questions. Hereare the hours of customer service available during which you can make calls

  • Mon-Fri  => 6am to 10pm
  • Sat-Sun => 8am to 5pm

Ipass phone number – 800-824-7277

Call 1-800-UC-IPASSis another form for the above number used by IPASS customer service. This helpsconsumer to remember it easily.

Ipass is basically an electronic prepaid system which aimsto pay for toll charges while you driving on the road. It lets you movingthrough the tolling lanes at Illinois highway to eliminate idle time at cabinswhile paying tolls. I-PASS is accepted on every toll lane including ChicagoSkyway, Indiana Toll road and 17 other states by using the E-ZPASS technology.

iPass login allows consumers to pay the toll bills electronically. I-Pass is basically an electronic toll collection system which is designed and used by Illinois highway authority. The toll was implemented in November 1993 as the interstate 355 opens. One can use i-Pass transponder at all toll plazas which help you to pay the charges automatically while passing under the antennas at a bit slow speed.

How to use I-PASS – Fee structure and penalties

If you pass a toll without a transponder while you have register your vehicle with an I-Pass your vehicle will be in breach. Consumers are free to register more than one vehicle with an I-Pass account. You are not in breach if you do not have an I-Pass transponder in the car, but you register your license plate and are linked with iPass account. To avoid penalties make sure you have funds in the in IPASS account.

If you do not have any funds in your iPass account, you willnot be able to pay the fee and a fine of $20 will be charged to your account.Once your IPASS account has three violations, a notice of violation from ISTHAwill be there for you with a request for penalty payment. Consumers can contactISTHA under the grace period and adjust the breach by paying for the unpaidtoll. The $20 penalty will be waived in return.

The consumer is responsible for contacting ISTHA. If theiPass user does not contact the tollway authorities you will be subject topenalties after due date. Additional fines on plates, licenses or both will beimposed. If still unpaid, this may lead to suspension of account and unable touse the service.

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