How to use Blue Central webmail login

Blue Central Webmail is a web-based email service by a hosting company of Australia. In December 2016, Blue Central was taken over by Nexon Asia Pacific and it officially ends the business. BlueCentral as a hosting company offers computing infrastructure to major Australian corporations, companies.

Now under Nexon umbrella the brand is shut down and the website is taken over by Nexon. On the other side Nexon also delivers IT related solutions to businesses to give them a better customer service experience.

Blue Central Webmail login – Instructions

  • Open you browser and fromhere go to
  • Here you will see a loginscreen.
  • Enter your username whichwill be your email address
  • Then provide your passwordin the next field available
  • After that click on theLogin button
  • If you are using a personalcomputer then select the option saying ‘Log me automatically on this computer’
  • Finally, you are now atyour personal webmail inbox and can easily send and receive emails.